Saturday, March 19, 2011

New guitar!!!!!

On Thursday, I got a guitar!!!! To those who don't understand why I'm REALLY REALLY excited by that, I guess I should explain first. As you might know, I play the piano. But I've always wanted to play the guitar instead. Since I was around 6 years old. But my mom pressured me into choosing the piano when I was 8. At the end of January, I had my first piano exam. It was for grade 8. My parents made me a deal. If I got above 75% on the exam (only for the practical part), I would be allowed to choose another instrument and get my ears pierced (still waiting...). I got an 84%!!!! And I've been waiting for over a month. I knew all along that I would choose the guitar. And so did my parents. On Thursday, we went to a music store (Long & McQuade. We always go there for music needs.) and I tried out a few guitars. That was a bit difficult, since I didn't know the first thing about playing a guitar. Sure, I knew how to hold it and things like that, but I didn't know any chords or things like that. The sales person, (John Sutherland. If you ever go to that store and are planning to buy a guitar, you should ask for him. He's very funny and nice. And a wicked guitar player!) showed me how to play the E major and Em (E minor) chords. After a while, we bought a Yamaha LL6 Acoustic Guitar that was Handcrafted in Taiwan. Ever since, I've been reading books and learning more chords. And I'm starting lessons next week. A lot of my friends that play guitar are complaining to me about how hard it is to play the guitar and how I'd regret my choice of instrument, and whatnot. I know that playing the guitar is going to cause sore fingers, but in truth, I'm a bit tired of everyone thinking that I'm going to quit so easily. :( And, actually, a regular six-string guitar wasn't my first choice. It was a twelve-string guitar! So, why'd I choose a six-string one? My mom had one condition. It had to be a regular six-string guitar. And if I got really good at it, then I could try my habd at a twelve-string one. They're the same.
Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where everyone doubted you could do something that you strongly believed you could? I'd love to hear about it!



  1. Im sooooooooooooooo glad you got a guitar!
    hope you learn soon!! :)

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