Sunday, March 20, 2011

Under-estimationg people

I just got back from a 1 and a half hour road trip that usually takes half an hour. And we didn't go shopping or anything like that. Wondering why the big time difference? My mom was driving, and she was supposed to make a right turn on Sheppard, but she kept going forward. So, we (my mom, my sister and I) went all the way to the Ontario Science Centre, before she realized this. Then, she read the map that was stored in the car. But she asked me how to get back home after. I told her to keep going straight on Eglinton. But she didn't listen. When we got to Bayview, she suddenly had the idea that we couldn't make a left turn at Yonge & Eglinton. She was correct, but we weren't going to make a left turn. We were going to make a right turn. She made a left turn @ Bayview. I asked where she was going. She didn't reply. I said that if we turned at around Millwood, we could go to Yonge & Davisville. She didn't listen, again. She kept going straight on Bayview. The lanes turned into one lane, so we had to keep going forward. I saw the CN tower, and it seemed really close and big. NOT a good sign. When we got to Evergreen Brick Works, which is at 550 Bayview Ave. My mom got off, asked for directions from this man with his daughter. So, we went back to Moore road and Pottery avenue. I tried to give my mom directions, (I knew exactly where we were and how to get home) but she refused to listen. Finally, she had no choice but to listen to me. We had to go past Hodgson, to get to Davisville, make a right turn... etc. And the whole time that I was giving her directions, my mom was saying that I didn't know where we were going and that I was going to get us lost. ME?! And she also said that I was leading us home, the long way.
Don't you just hate it when someone underestimates you? It makes you feel annoyed, frustrated, looked down upon and so many other bad feelings. What's your story?


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