Monday, April 4, 2011

Lindsay Lohan police call

This is smething that I found that was rated as one of the top news stories on Yahoo News. It's the phone from Lindsay Lohan to the Sheriff's office with Dawn Holland, a staff at one of the Betty Ford houses, from last year in July, post jail time. Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail and 90 days in rehab, the Betty Ford Centre. Prior to this phone call, she was caught with 2 other people (Kelly and Katherine) trying to sneak back into the House via the back wall. They were apparently trying to jump back over the wall. Dawn Holland requested that they Breathalyze. 2 of the "ladies" (not :Lindsay) were reeking of alcohol. 1 of the "ladies" did agree to Brathalyze, the other, Kelly refused, but did admit to drinking. Dawn then says that Lindsay was refusing to breathalyze and being rude and hit her [Holland] with a phone. Here's the phone call clip, which by the way is almost 6 minutes long.
Hear The Call

I wonder what the officer that was answering the call thought during the beginning to middle part...


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