Thursday, March 1, 2012

The NeverEnding Story

Today, the grade 8s from my school went to watch "The Neverending Story" at the Young People's Theatre (165 Front Street east).  It plays there from February 27 - March 17 2012 and is produced by The Roseneath Theatre(Read the last paragraph for a funny story)
If you think you don't need to see it since you've already watched the movie, you're wrong. It's very different from the movie, but a bit closer to the book, using some details that the movie excluded. The props are quite impressive ( I liked the moving white drape the best) although the costumes could use a bit of tweaking. In this version, Bastian (Natasha Greenblatt) steals a book from a bookstore (without leaving a note) and begins reading in his school attic. Atreyu (Adamo Ruggiero) is an orphan, unwilling to hunt purple buffalo and the Childlike Empress (Kate Besworth) is dying, in need of a new name from a human child. All actors give a breathtaking performance, one that you won't forget in a hurry. However, the new name of the Childlike Empress could definitely be changed.

After the play, there was a Q & A session with 3 of the actors- Billy Merasty (Artax), Kate Besworth (Childlike Empress), and Richard Lee (Good luck dragon). First though, the "host" asked us who we thought was the hero of the story. One person said Bastian, another said Atreyu. A third guy from my school ( whom I shall not name) said the Childlike Empress. When the host asked why, his reply was "cuz she's hot". Those were his EXACT words. "Cuz she's hot". Kate Besworth, who plays the Childlike Empress turned bright red. Her face was really red and I was sitting in the second last row, so I can only imagine what colour her face was if you were closer to the stage. Of course, the guy that said that got into trouble by one of the teachers. But that was pretty bold of him. And really embarrassing for her, no doubt. This is truly a once in a lifetime Q & A session. ;)


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