Monday, March 19, 2012

New teacher, New schedule

Today was the first day back after the March Break. And our class had a few [major] changes to our schedules and classes.
The HSP teacher at my school was a LTO, which means that she's a long-term occasional teacher. She left because of personal reasons (it was never revealed to us why) and so now, our principal has to get a new teacher to teach HSP. (It's the Homeschooling Program) My English teacher has a background of teaching HSP, so, our principal pulled him, and got him to teach HSP. Permanently. So, now we have no English teacher. Another teacher, a math and gym teacher at our school, is covering for our English teacher for the rest of the year. So he's teaching my old English teacher's classes plus his own. Every class except ours, since we have English the periods that he has to teach math. So now, our principal needs to hire someone to teach our class English. Our old English room, room 209, is now being used by the teacher teaching his classes. Now, we have English in room 104- the Family Studies room. There's stoves, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines... It's a really bad room. And, it's on the first floor, which is technically the basement, which no one likes. For the next week or so, we're going to be having supply teachers until they find someone. The only stability is our student teacher, Ms. Williams. The bad thing is, she's now supposed to be in 2 places at once- teaching us English and teaching another class (this morning, it was health). It's gotten all messed up.
The second change is that because of this shift with teachers, we have a new timetable. We have all the same teachers as before and same rooms (except English) but just a different schedule. I actually liked my schedule from before.
They say change is good, but I'm not so sure about this. I hope they get a good English teacher. (The previous one was... but I had just gotten used to his teaching style. Now, it starts all over again.) Let's hope this works out...


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