Monday, May 23, 2011

Terrible Long Weekend

It was overall a TERRIBLE long weekend. Especially on Sunday. It started off okay. Then, I had piano lessons. I got really annoyed and mad at my teacher that I started crying. And I was considering quiting [the piano] then and there. After, when we were going home, we were probably a minute away, we got stopped by the police. It was a 50 km/h road, but my dad thought that it was a 60 km/h road. So, he was driving at 61 km/h. The police officer said that he was going at 71 km/h!!! So, he gave us a speeding ticket. And he was also really unsympathetic and mean and cold. And he even said that he'd arrest us if we didn't leave! Now, my parents have to go to court. The fine itself isn't that much, but once you pay, the insurance increases and you lose 2 credits. I asked my mom what the credit thing was about. It is more or less something like this: A driver's license has a total of 10 credits. Once you only have 5 credits left, your driver's license gets suspended. And once you have 0, apparently, you can't drive EVER again. People, correct me if that description is wrong. VERY bad long weekend. :( How was yours?


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