Saturday, May 21, 2011

License plate

I was in the car and happened to look outside the window. I saw the license plate of a small, white car. The license plate number was B POLITE .
I, unfortunately did not get to take a picture of it. I think it would be cooler if it was B NICE .



  1. I remember when I was in a storytelling club...I heard a story about a woman who wanted her child to "be polite." Her husband was a menace and she didn't want her son to be like him. She was supposed to rub this cream on her belly once a day and say be polite, be polite (cuz she was pregnant) anyway she began to use it too much and in the end she never gave birth. Her belly became the largest ever. People came from all around to see it. When she died they cut open her belly and found two little old men inside. They were twins and had been there all their lives. U know why? They kept saying to each other "why don't you exit mummy's stomach first?" "No after you!" "No no after you!" That is why I agree with you B Nice is better!! Also on a completely unrelated topic...Taylor Swift won a billboard music award...yay! Cuz I know ur a fan!

  2. That's funny. ;) And yes, I do know that Taylor Swift won 2 Billboard awards. I lost track of how many times I voted for her after the 102 mark. ;)


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