Sunday, July 3, 2011

Driving, Shopping, Hiking and Mosquito Bites in Lindsay

I went to Lindsay, ON (which is located in Kawartha Lakes) yesterday so that my mom could practice driving for her upcoming driver's test (G). Yes, she's taking the test there, not here in Toronto, but there, in Lindsay. Anyways, we drove there, and then my mom practiced for a few more hours (okay, maybe more like 5 hours), then went shopping for an hour- stuff is a lot cheaper in smaller towns!!! Like clothing for a dollar, anyone? (I went wild when I saw this. My mom wouldn't believe that it was actually a dollar. She made me ask the cashier/owner who said that it was.) Then, we went to Ken Reid Conservation Area. There, we went hiking. And there was a beach. And playground. And a lot of bugs. But anyways, we started to hike. There was a lot of trees and we saw a bear. (When we first went into the conservation area, the first sign that greeted me was "Bears Active April To November...." I don't remember that rest, but what a way to welcome someone!!!) Oh, and I saw a turtle and wild hare! (Sadly, my sister scared away the hare) Because of the density of the trees, there were millions of mosquitoes. (Ken Reid is also a camping area) I got 20-something mosquito bites. My sister got 1 and my neither of my parents got any. Why are mosquitoes attracted to me?! By the way, if you're wondering, we forgot the bug spray... NOT a good idea...


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