Tuesday, September 20, 2011


School's started again. 3rd week. How's everyone been doing? I have soooooooo much projects!!!! My class got 2 projects by the third day of school!!!!!!!!!! (More on that later) And I've also switched to a new school. Yes, people of Hodgson, I'm no longer with you. (I miss you guys!) My new school has exactly 666 students in grade 7 & 8. That's TWICE the size of Hodgson, so it's REALLY crowded. Another thing is my class has 35 people! Now, there was only 19 people in my class last year and 23 the year before that, so this is a BIG difference. And I'm no longer in extended french. And french class has gotten soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring, that it's become a torture. (You know when something's easy, it's fun? Well, this is WAAAAYYYYY past that point. It's become torture.) Well, I guess it won't be a surprise if I get REALLY high for french...
I know a lot of people are now in the scary halls of... HIGH SCHOOL! Sounds scary... But, all the grade 8s this year, we'll be going there next year. We'll survive. Hopefully... ;)
To everyone else that's out there, how was your summer and how's school? It's still the first few weeks where school doesn't seem real. I know I still feel like I'm "floating" through the classes. My brain's still on vacation. And, the Busy Summer Contest is OFFICIALY closed for this year. I'll go through the entries and I'll announce the winner by October 3rd 2011. Seems like a long time? It's only 2 weeks. In the meantime, you have school to look forward to. Yay...


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