Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend in the States

License Plate
Last weekend, my family and I went to the Finger Lakes Region in New York [State]. We stayed for 3 days and it was awesome! But anyways, remember my post about a person with a cool license plate? Well, when we were in the States, on the first day, I saw another license plate that was also pretty cool. So I took a picture of it. The only thing is, I hope this license plate wasn't talking to me. If it was, then "No, I owned you because I can actually spell properly." HA!
We then went hiking. And this was carved into the tree trunk:

We went to the Corning Museum of Glass ("Corning" as in Corning, NY) and hiking and also went on a cruise! (And shopping for a bit) The view on the cruise was picturesque and the air and wind... there are absolutely NO WORDS to describe it! Plus, the announcer (well, one of them) was really hot! (I couldn't help but notice...)

I really wish I could've stayed for the fourth of July (Americans are so patriotic! There was an American flag on nearly every single farm and house that we passed! And the cookies and other foods had American colours on them! Oh, and this was in a Walmart in Watkins Glen, NY. If only Walmarts in Canada were as patriotic...) but sadly, I couldn't. We went for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then, on Tuesday, I had my first day of summer school. :( Going to school in the summer is no fun, even if I get a credit for it. :( I was exhausted on the first day!!! We got back home from the States at around 2 AM, and I had to wake up at 7 AM in order to get to school on time. Not fun...


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