Saturday, October 1, 2011

Awesome Blog

I was looking for reviews for the book "Old City Hall" by Robert Rotenberg (Amazing book, by the way) for a book report, when I came across, this site: Mysteries And More. It's a book blog. On it, there's interviews, reviews and whatnot. And, the interviews are conducted by the author of the blog himself. Bill Selnes.
He's a lawyer in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada. A lot of the reviews of books that he reviews are legal thrillers, mysteries and books of that genre. I think his reviews are truly amazing, and what's more? He's a LAWYER! If you know, me, that pretty much says it all. HE'S A LAWYER! (Although, I'll be more excited if it actually were Taylor Swift. :D ) But anyways, I think people should really check out his blog. ;)


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