Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Suggestions

So, I have a book report for every month of the school year. I just finished one and handed it in yesterday, and now I need a new book. Does anyone have any books that they read that they think were really good? Please tell me if you do! I'm having trouble finding a good book to do. And, since it's for a school book report, it should be something that is sort of appropriate. But if there's any that I shouldn't do for the book report, but still think I should read, still tell me about them, just tell me that I shouldn't do them. Like put an asterisk next to them. (*) I can't wait for the book suggestions!



  1. HELLO, I miss you soooooo much! Love your blog. Im so happy you keep writing on your blog!! I should write mine. A good book is ~BOY IN STRIPED T-SHERT~ I MISS YOU!
    HOPE you like your school!! LOve your backround!! See you some time!!

    ~Luv~Memi~ <3

  2. Thanks! The book name sounds like " The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas". And that was a really good one. I'll check it out!

  3. Gosh ummmm... Ya I wanted to say "Stripped Pyjamas" Sorry! :P


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