Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cherry Blossoms at High Park!

A close up of a cherry blossom
Today, my family and I went to High Park at around 4pm. It was pretty cold (I had a thick sweater, but wearing flip flops probably wasn't a good idea...) But the Cherry Blossoms, the flower of Japan, are in full bloom this weekend!  The flowers were the palest pink, and some even white! Plus they smelled heavenly!
An okay shot of a duck
We went down by the lake, where there were ducks swimming, and I tried to take a picture, but every time that I clicked it, I always got when they had their heads under water, or were turned away. I got one okay shot though...
Is it just me, or does the poo look strange?
After, we did "tourist" things, like take lots of pictures of us with different backgrounds. (I'll admit, I took a lot of scenery pics.) But then, we went to the zoo. Or, the "Animal Display at High Park" as it was called. There were lots of animals. Bison, peacocks, different kinds of sheep and goats, llamas, etc. It was so much fun feeding the llamas grass! They would stick their mouths out of the fence to eat it! And it smelled. Quite badly, might I add.
The sign outside the restaurant
We went to the restaurant (where my dad parked the car) to eat, and to go to the washroom. Outside, I saw this sign:
They're closing the zoo down, because they can't get enough funding to keep it running. It doesn't have an admission fee, and the government isn't much help. So, they're trying to raise enough money to keep it running. The Honey family (if I remember correctly) is doubling the amount that they've raised up until $50,000. They've raised around $9000 so far. Don't let it close! The website at the bottom is
After that, we started walking in a random direction, and we found ourselves in a dog park. Lots and lots of dogs, chasing each other. It was pretty funny to watch. 3 bigger dogs (think golden retriever size) teamed up on a really small dog (looked sort of like a doberman, but a lot smaller). It was faster than all 3 of them, and when they could no longer run anymore, the smaller dog was still going, not even the least bit tired.
There's this train that goes through High Park, that you can pay to go on. It takes you to all the main attractions. My dad decided it would be a good idea to follow it, and so, we RAN to keep up. What did we get to see? The place where employees of the park keep their cars. It wasn't very interesting. (I guess the train conductor was at the end of his shift) We followed a trail, and ended up at a playground. Earlier that morning, that had been the place of a fire. One corner of the playground was cornered off. But it was still really big, and is a really good place to play hide and seek. There's tunnels that go under the whole playground, that's only big enough for kids.
Cherry blossoms on a tree
Once we got to the car, it was 8:30, and time to go. But it was really fun! I think we spent more time playing then we did looking at the cherry blossoms. But seriously, if you get the chance to go tomorrow, go! If you don't go tomorrow, you'll have to wait until next year. They're all coming down this week because of the rain, and right now's the best time to see them.



  1. I love the photos of the cherry blossoms! They are simply amazing!!Beautiful colours and ahhh... just loved them in general

  2. Thanks!
    OMG, I really have to start posting on this blog again! I've been so busy!!!


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